Brutstrap is a CSS theme for building a brutalist website: one where the website, as shown in your browser, is an accurate representation of the HTML document it is displaying.

The theme is single-column and responsive.

This theme is available on, and is released under the Unlicense: anyone may use it for any purpose.



To use Brutstrap, you can either download the repo from or use Pavol Puchkin's to reference it with the following line in your head tag:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{{version}}/site/brutstrap.css">

You must replace the {{version}} with whichever version of Brutstrap you intend to use. You can see a list of all available versions on


Brutstrap is written... well, okay. Time for some honesty, this is my first CSS theme. So the naming and organization... is a bit rough. I vaguely followed ABEM style, kind of.

Other Resources

This site serves as a demonstration of the framework, but I've also made a theme for the Gutenberg static site generator. And that a variation of that theme is what I use on my personal website.

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